Following my presentation at NECTM6 on Friday 3rd June on 'The Young Adult/Gap Year Traveller' I hope you find the following resources useful.   I may have added a few I didn't have time to discuss on the day!  

Department of Education report:  Gap year takers uptake trends and long term outcome

Gap year websites and articles (please note these are for information only, I am not endorsing them)

  • The history of the gap year
  • 'What is a gap year?' HERE 
  • Gap year information from the Telegraph HERE 
  • Travel independent info website HERE
  • Key travelling/backpacker routes around the world HERE 
  • Best places to take selfies! (scroll down the page) HERE

Useful books 

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Know Before you Go click HERE for information (scroll down for many resources)

  • FCO Gap Year travel specifically HERE (again scroll down for manay resources)
  • FCO Facebook page HERE
  • FCO Twitter page HERE
  • FCO Press release Young Brits failing to get cover for adventurous pursuits abroad see HERE
  • FCO Travel insurance statistics see HERE 
  • FCO British Behaviour Abroad report 2014 see HERE
  • FCO Adventure travel abroad play it safe poster see HERE

Social Media Apps (just a small selection of ones favoured by a younger age group)


USEFUL APPS for travelling 

Click on the image below to go to more information 

  Can I Eat This App Travel Health Guide App   Lifesaver    First Aid   Trav Well AppSafer Travel

Advice, websites and various leaflets on travel health issues for young adult travellers (for information only)

  • fitfortravel website for a large range of useful information leaflets 
  • Going on holiday?  Be trip ready from NaTHNaC 
  • ABTA taking a gap year information here 
  • ABTA Booze and Balconies don't mix leaflet here 
  • Caroline's Rainbow Foundation here 
  • Information from the BBC about the drug trade in Peru - the Mochilleros
  • BBC report on dating apps increasing risk of STIs - here 
  • Sexual healh advice for backpackers from the bemused backpacker website here 
  • Sexual health abroad from DIC Copenhagen here
  • 'Sexual health in young people' article published in Nursing in Practice here 
  • NHS CHoices safer sex on holiday here
  • ILGA maps for lesbian and gay rights maps
  • CDC Yellow Book on Study Abroad & Other International Student Travel here 
  • Rabies resources here 
  • Water filtration information from fitfortravel here and video about the Aquapure system illustrated here and with subtitles here 


Some other useful resources from the website - remember down the left hand side of the HOME page are images of some of the most useful pages to access directly rather than using the menu at the top.  

     Dog    Help   WhatsNewbanner

Platform 9.75      Bite Banner         Screen And Mosquito

I hope I've remembered everything!  If not please e mail me at

If you've found this helpful please let me know.  Similarly if you've had problems with it, I'd appreciate knowing what the issue was so I can improve it for next time!