Below are some of the resources I referred to during the session I gave for the Diploma in Travel Medicine course, on 21st September 2016 and subsequently the Foundation in Travel Medicine on the 14th November 2016.  

I am happy to leave this page available to you for the course duration, but cannot guarantee all items will be up to date - they were so at the date of development (21.09.16 and updated on 12.11.16).  Please notify me if you find anything that needs updating.   Also note, the list is not exhaustive but I hope takes you to some information you were previously unaware of.   Have fun!  


SECTION 1: Travel Medicine Guidance documents


SECTION 2: KEY RESOURCES for vaccine and malaria recommendations in the UK 


RCN Travel health  career & competence document

Nathnac -logo 360px

NaTHNaC - National Travel Health Network   and Centre 


TRAVAX -  The A to Z of healthy travel. (Password needed)


Fit for Travel, health information for travellers

NHS CHoicesNHS choices  public pages for travel 

Public Health England

Immunisation against Infectious disease   (The Green Book)  

Public Health England   

Vaccine update -essential publication

Public Health England

Guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UK 


Electronic Medicines Compendium

Public Health England

Immunisation training resources


SECTION 2 continued: A few little extras! 

  • Download the index for the Green Book onto your desktop for quick access
  • Subscribe to Vaccine Update here
  • Routine National Immunisation schedule here containing vaccines for those with medical conditions
  • BNF online via NICE here
  • BNF apps for android and IoS here
  • Yellow Card reporting from the MHRA here
  • Off label vaccine leaflets see here 
  • Vaccine Storage resources here 
  • PHE Malaria: Guidance, data and analysis here  
  • Department of Health here 
  • Public Health England here 
  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency here
  • Health Protection Scotland here and travel section here
  • Yellow Fever course from Health Protection Scotland (remember this does NOT replace NaTHNaC training if you are a registered Yellow Fever Centre in England,Wales or N. Ireland) see here

Click on images below to recall how to use the TRAVAX suitcase and the maps feature

     Travax Suitcase        TRAVAX Malaria Maps


SECTION 3: International Resources 

  • Disease surveillance centres e.g. ECDC, WER and MMWR but look around each for other resources
  • Immunisation guidance from the Australia  Canada  USA (the pink book)
  • At a glance resources guide from the USA - leads to e learning and other resources here
  • Immunization Action Coalition (USA) here 
  • Malaria treatment guidelines (see within malaria resources, mostly UK see near bottom of page) here 
  • There Role of the WHO in Public Health here 
  • WHO International Health Regulations and further details here 
  • WHO factsheets see here 
  • World Health Organization travel section see here  
  • WHO global road safety see here and injection safety see here 
  • WHO TB report 2015 see hereWHO End TB Strategy here and WHO Malaria report 2015 here 
  • WHO Tropical Diseases see here and WHO Neglected Tropical Diseases factsheet see here 
  • Paper from the Lancet published 14.09.16 Neglected tropical diseases: progress towards addressing the chronic pandemic here
  • WHO You Tube page see here 
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) see here 
  • Canadian Travel Medicine resources see here 
  • CDC Yellow fever course online see here 
  • CDC Yellow Book see here CDC apps page, see here
  • CDC CE courses and training, see here 
  • Canadian Travel Medicine resources see here 


SECTION 4: Maps and Infographics

  • Maps for political situation in countries from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office here (also direct link from individual countries on NaTHNaC database)
  • WHO Maps for disease here and WHO interactive maps here 
  • CDC infographics here 
  • WHO infographics here  
  • Try a Google search on 'Travel Health Infographics'
  • ILGA maps sexual orientation laws in the world - overview map 


SECTION 5: Books and Journals 

  • Emporiatrics - the Magazine of the Faculty of Travel Medicine here 
  • Journal of Travel Medicine here or free access via the ISTM Membership
  • Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease here or free access through membership of the Faculty of Travel Medicine 
  • Travellers' Health How to stay health abroad - edited by Richard Dawood.  Click here 
  • Emerging Infectious Disease from CDC here

 Useful recent papers/podcast/e-learning published and some made free access 

  • Travellers' Diarrhoea BMJ clinical review HERE (login details required but podcast available free of charge) 
  • TMAID (Systematic review of loperamide: No proof of antibiotics being superior to loperamide in treatment of mild/moderate travellers' diarrhoea) HERE
  • Medical Considerations before International Travel - NEJM here 
  • Free online course from LSHTM - Preventing Zika Virus: Understanding and Controlling the Aedes Mosquito 
  • The Lancet - Zika Virus Resource Centre 
  • The CDC journal club here
  • Research Papers and publications from the Hospital for Tropical Diseases (added Nov.2016) here 
  • UK Malaria Treatment Guidelines 2016 here and direct PDF here (added Nov.2016)

Please note for the information on the two bullet points below, I am not making comment on the content, just providing links to the resources  

  • BBC Radio 4 - the Lariam Legacy broadcast April 2015
  • House of Commons Defence Committee:  An acceptable risk? The use of Lariam for military personnel.  Fourth Report of Session 2015–16 here


SECTION 6: Social Media and Technology

Please note - this is just a small selection - this area is expanding rapidly! 

USEFUL APPS for travelling - a small selection - many more available 

  Can I Eat This App Travel Health Guide App   Lifesaver    First Aid   Trav Well App


SECTION 7: Societies and Associations 

  • International Society of Travel Medicine ISTM
  • Faculty of Travel Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow  RCPSG
  • British Global Travel Health Association BGTHA
  • American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene ASTMH 
  • Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene RSTMH
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine LSHTM


SECTION 8: miscellaneous ideas!  


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