New to Travel course

31st October and 1st December 2017 – available until end of January 2018

Below are materials related to the training we discussed for the New to Travel course.  This is provided for a limited time but remember, all the other materials all over this website are always available to you.

KEY RESOURCES in TRAVEL HEALTH but remember these are always on the ‘Panda Page’ – see image at the bottom of the home page and below on this page.

RCN Travel health
career & competence document

NaTHNaC – National Travel Health Network and Centre

TRAVAX – The A to Z of healthy travel. (Password needed)

Fit for Travel, health information for travellers

NHS choices  public pages for travel

Immunisation against Infectious disease

(The Green Book)

Vaccine update 

essential publication

Guidelines for malaria prevention

in travellers from the UK

Relevant handouts following the NTT training – Please note, not all these images will link to the materials until day 2 of the course.

INTERIM WORK in between the two days of training – please complete if at all possible

  • Undertake the learning about hepatitis A vaccine shortages HERE Consider doing this with colleagues at work who already do travel and also let them know about Nuggets of Knowledge – hepatitis A
  • Look around my website
  • Find out what travel PGDs you have at work
  • See if you have a vaccine storage protocol at work
  • Do the practice travel health case studies e learning just below here if you have time



  • My Facebook page see here (please LIKE and follow!)
  • My Blog site here
  • To sign up to the Vaccine Update and/or subscribe to updates on other publications such as new chapters of the Green Book, click here
  • The complete routine immunisation schedule from Summer 2017 click here 
  • CDC Yellow book Free of charge online here, as a book see here for Amazon, for details of apps see IoS format and Android format
  • Direct link to the immunisation training course online click here or direct purchase here 
  • Acronyms for vaccines from CDC here and for details of diphtheria content here 
  • Direct link to the immunology videos click here but you will also find these on the HELP immunisation resources page click here
  • To look at individual vaccines go to the EMC here and seach the name of the drug of disease you wish the vaccine to protect against.
  • Recommendation for administering more than one live vaccine see here 
  • BNF online here
  • Risk assessment and management forms, travel advice leaflet, post vaccination letter and much more see TOOLS 
  • Travellers’ Diarrhoea BMJ clinical review HERE (login details required but podcast available free of charge) and open access paper from TMAID (Systematic review of loperamide: No proof of antibiotics being superior to loperamide in treatment of mild/moderate travellers’ diarrhoea) HERE  
  • Focus on Hepatitis B information here  Hepatitis B page in HELP here
  • IATA Medical Manual – see pages 50 – 55 within the document for specific medical guidelines.  Note individual airline companies may have their own specific rules
  • ISTM Travel Clinic Directory
  • Mental health: travelling abroad from the FCO leaflet here and information within the website here which provides some very useful links
  • Pregnancy (and pre pregnancy)  travel information from NaTHNaC  

FROM DAY 2  – more resources will be added following day 2 of the course

  • Measles in Europe from NaTHNaC and here for measles information
  • Blog on update to ACWY vaccine and Pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia etc. here
  • Hepatitis A interim advice on vaccine shortages here and e learning in ‘Online Education’
  • Polio information from NaTHNaC here and here and WHO video shown here but look at others too when on the page
  • Zika virus information from NaTHNaC and from CDC and leaflet for Mosquito bite avoidance for travellers here
  • Zika virus information on the HOT NEWS page HERE 
  • FAQs on topics such as charging and prescribing for travel here
  • To download a travel clinic protocol in Word format click here see no. 19 in TOOLS 
  • Nursing Standard CPD article on vaccines storage and management see here and the HELP page see here
  • New NaTHNaC yellow fever site and New patient information leaflet  
  • Yellow fever – list of countries with risk of transmission and countries requiring yellow fever vaccination WHO page here 
  • WHO: EYE strategy – Working together for eliminating yellow fever epidemics video and more detail here 
  • Rabies Green Book Chapter 27 see here
  • PHE guidelines on rabies post – exposure treatment (April 2016) here
  • Rabies resources from my website (including video, booklet and poster) see here (N.B. scroll right down to the bottom!) and e learning in ‘Online Education’
  • BBC clip of accidental release of mosquitoes on Breakfast news click here 


FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND WWW.JANECHIODINI.CO.UK –  at the bottom of the HOME page are images of some of the most useful pages to access directly rather than using the menu at the top.

  • MANY helpful tools to standardise your service can be found on the tools page – or click on the image of the fruit and cutlery below!  These will include travel risk assessment and management forms (nos. 1 and 2), advice leaflet and post vaccination letter you can customise (nos. 4 and 5), last minute traveller poster (no. 10), bravery certificates (no. 14), poster regarding rabies for reception staff (no. 16) and much much more!
  • Wanting more education on travel – click the trainig image below
  • Don’t forget the HELP page has loads of resources topic by topic
  • To find the latest item added to this website go to ‘What’s New’ click here or image below right
  • My FB page for travel health for other updates (access through the icon on the home page) but also click here

I hope I’ve remembered everything!  If not please e mail me at

If you’ve found this helpful please let me know.  Similarly if you’ve had problems with it, I’d appreciate knowing what the issue was so I can improve it for next time!

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