HELLO - this page is just for you!  The content below will be available to you until early November 2016.  However, all other pages on the website are always available.  

I may have included some items below I didn't discuss on the day but I hope you enjoyed the session!  

Resources presented mostly in order of presentation 

  • My Facebook Page (Travel Health Training Ltd) here  (please like!)
  • My Blog here 
  • Practice Nurse Travel Health Update articles here
  • Zika information - all the information can be accessed from the HOT NEWS page
  • Dengue Vaccine information from the WHO here
  • MERS-CoV information from WHO here and here and NaTHNaC 
  • Gap Year Traveller resources here  
  • Polio information from NaTHNaC here and here and WHO video shown here but look at others too when on the page
  • Recommendation for administering more than one live vaccine see here 
  • WHO Annex of Countries with risk of yellow fever transmission and countries requiring yellow fever vaccination (11 July 2016) here and outbreak situation details here 
  • Yellow Fever course from Health Protection Scotland (remember this does NOT replace NatHNaC training if you are a registered Yellow Fever Centre in England, Wales or N. Ireland) see here 
  • ICVP video from NaTNaC here 
  • Latest information about Yellow Fever published 26th May 2016 here  and 23rd June here 
  • Hepatitis B booster - page 178 of the Green Book here and my blog about hepatitis B with change to the 0, 1 and 2 month schedule here
  • Japanese encephalitis information from NaTHNaC 
  • Ixiaro SPC from the Electronic Medicines Compendium and new vaccine company to supply VALNEVA 
  • JCVI information here 
  • Links to the immunisation charts for childhood schedules and much more on immunisation topics.  See inparticular item no. 3
  • Men ACWY issues detailed in a blog here 
  • Meninigitis certificate for Visa purposes here  
  • New vaccines company Valneva here
  • Map of endemicity of rabies from the WHO see here
  • Resources for rabies and make sure you scroll right to the bottom of the page
  • Public Health England guidelines on managing rabies post-exposure treatment (April 2016)
  • Public Health England Rabies post exposure risk assessment form and calendar see HERE
  • Travellers' Diarrhoea BMJ clinical review HERE (login details required but podcast available free of charge) and open access paper from TMAID (Systematic review of loperamide: No proof of antibiotics being superior to loperamide in treatment of mild/moderate travellers' diarrhoea) HERE
  • Guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UK 2015 - see hyperlinked index 
  • Chart for advice for travellers needing malaria chemoprophylaxis while taking warfarin
  • Administering chemoprophlylaxis to children chart in TOOLS item 21 here  and NaTHNaC chart of paediatric doses here 
  • Malaria resources page from the HELP section 
  • FAQ page for prescribing vaccines here  
  • CQC Nigel’s Surgery: Tips and mythbusters for GP practices
  • Vaccine storage resources from the 'HELP' section of my website (note scroll to bottom of the page!) see here 
  • Waste Management - Blog being written - recheck here 
  • Safety needles from Vaccine update here see page 3 
  • FGM and travel resources 
  • Awareness of Forced Marriage Abroad here 
  • Routine National Immunisation schedule here containing vaccines for those with medical conditions
  • IATA Medical Manual (for fitness to fly from page 51) April 2016 see HERE


And a little more information!

       Rabies Communication Tool               Malaria E Learning

  • Subscribing to the Green Book, Vaccine Update and other resources see here
  • The Green Book front cover and contents page see here 
  • Department of Health here 
  • Public Health England here 
  • BNF via NICE  here 
  • NaTHNaC for clinical updates here 
  • Off label vaccine leaflets see here 
  • Vaccines stored outside the recommended temperature range see here 
  • EMC website here 

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  • MANY helpful tools to standardise your service can be found on the tools page - or click on the image of the fruit and cutlery below!  These will include travel risk assessment and management forms (nos. 1 and 2), advice leaflet and post vaccination letter you can customise (nos. 4 and 5), last minute traveller poster (no. 10), bravery certificates (no. 14), poster regarding rabies for reception staff (no. 16) and much much more! 
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  • Don't forget the HELP page has loads of resources topic by topic
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If you've found this helpful please let me know.  Similarly if you've had problems with it, I'd appreciate knowing what the issue was so I can improve it for next time!