Travel Health Update on 30th June 2016

HELLO - this page is just for you!  The content below will be available to you until the end of August 2016.  However, all other pages on the website are always available.  

I may have included some items below I didn't discuss on the day but I hope you enjoyed the session!  

Here is a REFLECTION FORM for you to fill in which includes the intended learning outcomes provided on the day - I hope this helps!  To download and complete click HERE  (it will download directly onto your computer)

Resources presented are listed in order of talk 

  • All about the Queen's Nurses HERE and see the QNI GPN survey here
  • My Facebook Page (Travel Health Training Ltd) here  (please like!)
  • My Blog here 
  • Practice Nurse Travel Health Update articles here
  • Zika information from PHE with all the links from this one site but also the Mosquito Bite Avoidance leaflet here and the NaTHNaC chart for pregnancy and those planning pregnancy here and directly here 
  • Dengue Vaccine information from the WHO here
  • Polio information from NaTHNaC here and here and WHO video shown here but look at others too when on the page
  • Recommendation for administering more than one live vaccine see here 
  • WHO Annex of Countries with risk of yellow fever transmission and countries requiring yellow fever vaccination (4 Feb 2016) here 
  • Yellow Fever course from Health Protection Scotland (remember this does NOT replace NatHNaC training if you are a registered Yellow Fever Centre in England, Wales or N. Ireland) see here 
  • ICVP video from NaTNaC here 
  • Latest information about Yellow Fever published 26th May 2016 here 
  • Hepatitis B booster - page 178 of the Green Book here 
  • Japanese encephalitis information from NaTHNaC 
  • Ixiaro SPC from the Electronic Medicines Compendium and new vaccine company to supply VALNEVA 
  • JCVI information here 
  • Childhood immuniation chart from Spring 2016 here and the immunisation page in HELP here
  • Meninigitis certificate for Visa purposes here  
  • New vaccines company Valneva here 
  • Guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UK 2015 - see hyperlinked index 
  • Chart for advice for travellers needing malaria chemoprophylaxis while taking warfarin 
  • Information and further links about prescribing for travel vaccines 
  • Practice Nurse Travel Health Update for prescribing and directly here 
  • FAQ page for prescribing vaccines here  
  • CQC Nigel’s Surgery: Tips and mythbusters for GP practices
  • FGM and travel resources 
  • Vaccine storage resources from the 'HELP' section of my website (note scroll to bottom of the page!) see here 

Case study 1.  


  • CDC Yellow Book:  Chapter 8 - Advising Travelers with Specific Needs see HERE
  • ABTA Travel Trends 2016 see HERE 
  • NaTHNaC guidance for health proessionals on Travel Insurance from Travel Health Pro see HERE
  • WHICH? Travel insurance: Medical Conditions Travel Insurance see HERE
  • European Health Insurance Card (details from FaceBook) see HERE
  • IATA Medical Manual (for fitness to fly from page 51) April 2016 see HERE 

Case study 2.





Case study 3.

Case study 4.


And a little more information!

       Rabies Communication Tool               Malaria E Learning

  • Subscribing to the Green Book, Vaccine Update and other resources see here
  • The Green Book front cover and contents page see here 
  • Department of Health here 
  • Public Health England here 
  • BNF via NICE  here 
  • NaTHNaC for clinical updates here 
  • RCN position on HCSWs administering specific vaccinations, given as part of the routine national schedule HERE
  • Off label vaccine leaflets see here 
  • Vaccines stored outside the recommended temperature range see here 
  • Malaria resources from the 'HELP' section of my website see here 
  • Malaria Matters here 
  • Malaria Multi-destinations here and also image above right
  • EMC website for malaria chemoprophylaxis see here 

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  • MANY helpful tools to standardise your service can be found on the tools page - or click on the image of the fruit and cutlery below!  These will include travel risk assessment and management forms (nos. 1 and 2), advice leaflet and post vaccination letter you can customise (nos. 4 and 5), last minute traveller poster (no. 10), bravery certificates (no. 14), poster regarding rabies for reception staff (no. 16) and much much more! 
  • Wanting more education on travel - click the trainig image below 
  • Don't forget the HELP page has loads of resources topic by topic
  • To find the latest item added to this website go to 'What's New' click here or image below right

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