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Below is a host of different resources (part of this information is provided in relation to a presentation I gave at NECTM6) 

Gap year websites and articles (please note these are for information only, I am not endorsing them or any products on this page)

  • The history of the gap year
  • 'What is a gap year?' HERE 
  • Gap year information from the Telegraph HERE 
  • Travel independent info website HERE
  • Key travelling/backpacker routes around the world HERE 
  • Best places to take selfies! (scroll down the page) HERE

Useful books 

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Know Before you Go click HERE for information (scroll down for many resources)

  • FCO Gap Year travel specifically HERE (again scroll down for manay resources)
  • FCO Facebook page HERE
  • FCO Twitter page HERE
  • FCO Press release Young Brits failing to get cover for adventurous pursuits abroad see HERE
  • FCO Travel insurance statistics see HERE 
  • FCO British Behaviour Abroad report 2014 see HERE
  • FCO Adventure travel abroad play it safe poster see HERE


USEFUL APPS for travelling 

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  Can I Eat This App Travel Health Guide App   Lifesaver    First Aid   Trav Well AppSafer Travel

Advice, websites and various leaflets on travel health issues for young adult travellers (for information only)

  • fitfortravel website for a large range of useful information leaflets 
  • Going on holiday?  Be trip ready from NaTHNaC 
  • ABTA taking a gap year information here 
  • ABTA Booze and Balconies don't mix leaflet here 
  • Caroline's Rainbow Foundation here 
  • Information from the BBC about the drug trade in Peru - the Mochilleros
  • BBC report on dating apps increasing risk of STIs - here 
  • Sexual healh advice for backpackers from the bemused backpacker website here 
  • Sexual health abroad from DIC Copenhagen here
  • 'Sexual health in young people' article published in Nursing in Practice here 
  • NHS Choices safer sex on holiday here
  • ILGA maps for lesbian and gay rights maps
  • CDC Yellow Book on Study Abroad & Other International Student Travel here 
  • Rabies resources here 
  • Water filtration information from fitfortravel here and video about the Aquapure system illustrated here and with subtitles here