Travel Health Update for Tower Hamlets CCG 22nd February 2018

HELLO – this page is just for you!  The content below will be available to you until the end of MAY 2018, but please note, it was up to date at the time of the travel health update you attended, but things may have changed since that time so refer to other resources as well, for example NaTHNaC and TRAVAXAfter September this page will be taken ‘down’ however, all other pages on the website are always available.  

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed designing ‘tools’ and resources for health care professionals to use in their daily practice – created to make the process easier.   When using tools such as vaccine and malaria charts, advice leaflets etc. make sure though that you are always using the latest version. I would ask you to read the copyright and disclaimer statements please.

KEY RESOURCES in TRAVEL HEALTH but remember these are always on the ‘Panda Page’ – see image left side of home page.

RCN Travel health
career & competence document

NaTHNaC – National Travel Health Network and Centre

TRAVAX – The A to Z of healthy travel. (Password needed)

Fit for Travel, health information for travellers

NHS choices  public pages for travel

Immunisation against Infectious disease

(The Green Book)

Vaccine update 

essential publication

Guidelines for malaria prevention

in travellers from the UK

Resources from the Travel Health Update meeting – I may have included some items below I didn’t discuss on the day but I hope you enjoyed the session!

Finding your way around and keeping up to date 

  • My Facebook Page (Travel Health Training Ltd) here  (please like!)
  • My Blog here
  • Practice Nurse Travel Health Update articles here
  • NaTHNaC TravelHealthPro eBook 
  • NaTHNaC factsheets
  • NaTHNaC – to subscribe to alerts and newsletter here and see right hand side of page
  • If a TRAVAX user click on Account on the top menu and subscribe to news and outbreaks from there
  • To sign up to the Vaccine Update and/or subscribe to updates on other publications such as new chapters of the Green Book
  • Which vaccine comes from which manufacturer?  here 

Hepatitis A and B information and resources    


  • Zika information – all the information can be accessed from the HOT NEWS page
  • WHO Zika app here


  • A blog I wrote about the situation re Polio and the PHEIC
  • Polio information from NaTHNaC here and WHO video shown here but look at others too when on the page
  • WHO information about cVDPV in Syria here
  • Recommendation for administering more than one live vaccine see here 
  • Purchasing the ICVP from NaTHNaC


Diseases and other Vaccine update information 

Bits and Pieces 

  • HELP page with links to loads of resources
  • Immunisation resources here 
  • NEW! Immunisation training standards for healthcare practitioners Feb 2018 here 
  • Vaccine storage resources from the ‘HELP’ section of my website (note scroll to bottom of the page!) see here 
  • CQC Nigel’s Surgery: Tips and mythbusters for GP practices see nos. 17 (vaccine storage) and 76 (Waste management)  
  • Safety needles from Vaccine update here see page 3
  • Video from National Geographic about contolling pain on vaccination here
  • FGM and travel resources which includes the documentary of the Cruel Cut.


New!  ALL THE DOCUMENTS FOR A TRAVEL SERVICE on one page plus the Nuggets of Knowledge! 

A few extras

  • Japanese encephalitis information from NaTHNaC
  • Ixiaro SPC from the Electronic Medicines Compendium
  • Green Book chapter on JE here
  • Map of endemicity of rabies from the WHO see here
  • Resources for rabies and make sure you scroll right to the bottom of the page
  • Public Health England guidelines on managing rabies post-exposure treatment (April 2016)
  • Public Health England Rabies post exposure risk assessment form and calendar see HERE
  • Travellers’ diarrhoea from the CDC Yellow Bookinformation from NHS Choices 
  • Travellers’ Diarrhoea BMJ clinical review HERE (login details required but podcast available free of charge) and open access paper from TMAID (Systematic review of loperamide: No proof of antibiotics being superior to loperamide in treatment of mild/moderate travellers’ diarrhoea) HERE  
  • Water filtration from fitfortravel
  • Pure Hydration video with sub titles here (please note I am not endorsing this product but the video is useful from an educational perspective)
  • ILGA maps for lesbian and gay rights maps
  • Routine National Immunisation schedule here containing vaccines for those with medical conditions – check the second page
  • IATA Medical Manual (for fitness to fly from page 51) April 2016 see HERE
  • Know as you go for the traveller app (KAYG) website here 

And a little more information!

FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND WWW.JANECHIODINI.CO.UK – remember down the left hand side of the HOME page are images of some of the most useful pages to access directly rather than using the menu at the top.

  • MANY helpful tools to standardise your service can be found on the tools page – or click on the image of the fruit and cutlery below!  These will include travel risk assessment and management forms (nos. 1 and 2), advice leaflet and post vaccination letter you can customise (nos. 4 and 5), last minute traveller poster (no. 10), bravery certificates (no. 14), poster regarding rabies for reception staff (no. 16) and much much more!
  • Wanting more education on travel – click the trainig image below
  • Don’t forget the HELP page has loads of resources topic by topic
  • To find the latest item added to this website go to ‘What’s New’ click here or image below right

I hope I’ve remembered everything!  If not please e mail me at

If you’ve found this helpful please let me know.  Similarly if you’ve had problems with it, I’d appreciate knowing what the issue was so I can improve it for next time!

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