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If you are a nurse, pharmacist or doctor practising travel medicine you will be following your own National guidance wherever possible.  However it’s always interesting to see the resources used within another country.  If your country isn’t included below and you would like it to be, PLEASE e mail at providing me with a list including the web addresses – I would be really happy to then post them on this page. Please be aware THIS PAGE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!

Please note: Many countries use the Wolrd Health Organisation travel resource which we commonly call the ‘Blue’ book… International Travel and Health, and of course the International Health Regulations which govern yellow fever vaccine requirements is developed within WHO.

United Kingdom

United States of America

  • Centres for disease Control and Prevention CDC – govenment body database including malaria advice
  • CDC Health Information for Internatioanal Travel 2016 – commonly known as the ‘Yellow Book’
  • CDC Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases – the Pink Book 
  • National drug guidance – The FDAUSP-NF
  • State Government website for safety and security Travel.State.Gov


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