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I hope you enjoyed the 1st Joint Conference of the RCN and Travel Health Training Ltd. entitled ‘A Return Ticket’ on 13th September 2014.

Keep returning to this page as more resources will be added when available e.g. presentations for some of the sessions and links to information presenters discussed.

I presented a travel health update and below are some of the links in reference to the topics covered:

  • Subscribing to the Green Book, Vaccine Update and other resources see here
  • The Green Book front cover and contents page see here and the Green Book app here 
  • WHO multi interactive maps page see here
  • Hepatitis A Green Book Chapter 17 see here
  • Hepatitis B Green Book Chapter 18 see here
  • Cholera Green Book Chapter 14 see here
  • Rabies Green Book Chapter 27 see here
  • Rabies resources from my website (including video and poster) see here (N.B. scroll right down to the bottom!)
  • Japanese Encephalitis Green Book Chapter 20 see here
  • Polio – Link to the update on NaTHNaC for May and June and July (related to Pakistan) and the FAQs.  Link to purchase ICVP . The certificate is also on the WHO website here
  • Polio effect on Hajj and Umrah pilgrims see here 
  • Meningococcal Green Book Chapter 22 see here  NaTHNaC update for special groups advice sehere and for latest NaTHNaC updated information sheet for pilgrims to Hajj and Umrah see here
  • Yellow fever Green Book Chapter 35 see here
  • Revised recommendation for administering more than one live vaccine see here 
  • RCN Supporting the delivery of immunisation education see here 
  • Immunisation resources from the ‘HELP’ section of this website see here 
  • Vaccine storage resources from the ‘HELP’ section of my website (note scroll to bottom of the page!) see here 
  • Malaria resources from the ‘HELP’ section of my website see here 
  • Malaria Matters see the postcard in your delegate bag and here 
  • EMC website for malaria chemoprophylaxis see here search atovaquone proguanil  
  • Information re Lariam from the MHRA see entry 31.10.13 here and letter directly see here 
  • Apps from the NHS see here and for the CDC app entitled ‘Can I eat this’ here
  • Infographics Road safety from the WHO – posters on global road safety see here and on travel insurance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office see here, WHO for Ebola see here and insect borne diseases see here 
  • The Lymphoedema Support Network see here 

STOP PRESS – immediate additional resources as a result of the day (more will be added in due course)

  • Sexual health leaflet for travellers by Dr Caroline Turner here and the article this came from here (page 4 and 5)
  • Video from clip on ‘This Morning’ with Dr James Logan explaining bite prevention and shots with a ‘Bug Cam’ here !
  • Travellers’ Health How to stay health abroad – edited by Richard Dawood.  Click here (Voucher code for 30% discount is AMPROMO9)
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