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HELLO – this page is just for you having attended a recent travel health update with me!   Please note, the page was up to date at the time of the travel health update you attended, but things may have changed since that time so refer to other resources as well, for example NaTHNaC and TRAVAX.   I will endeavor to keep it up to date, but it would be very helpful if you notice anything isn’t working that you contact me and let me know.   Travel health moves quite quickly and as a result I will change the resources on this page accordingly – this will be most relevant if you attended a face to face training when such items will be discussed.   Some updates I teach are half days and some full days so if there are items on this page that weren’t covered on you’re day, they are still here for you to peruse if you want!      Thank you.  

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed designing ‘tools’ and resources for health care professionals to use in their daily practice – created to make the process easier.   When using tools such as vaccine and malaria charts, advice leaflets etc. make sure though that you are always using the latest version. I would ask you to read the copyright and disclaimer statements please.

KEY RESOURCES in TRAVEL HEALTH  are always on the ‘Panda Page – or see image at the bottom of the home page.




As discussed, the temporary recommendations for hepatitis A vaccine have been removed, but some related information remains out there – as soon as any more detail is known, I will add it here.



  • Guidance on Hepatitis B: vaccine recommendations during supply constraints from Public Health England (includes the information leaflet) although restrictions now lifted but links left here temporarily for information.  It is this document which explains ‘On the advice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), boosters will no longer be routinely required in healthy, immunocompetent adults who have completed a primary course of vaccine, including healthcare workers who are known responders’.  See page 8.
  • Resources on hepatitis B in HELP here 

Additional resources and tools for hep A and B

  • Pharmaceutical company information for shortages – online GSK   and phone numbers: GSK Tel: 0208 047 5000  Sanofi Pasteur Tel: 0148 350 5515  MSD Tel: 0199 245 2094  PaxVax Tel: 0152 521 7516
  • Food, beverage and advice chart
  • Further information about PGDs and PSDs here
  • FAQ on charging for vaccines here





  • Zika information – all the information can be accessed from this page
  • WHO Zika app here



  • PHE Guidance on the management of suspected tetanus cases and on the assessment and management of tetanus prone wounds here  
  • Green Book chapter on tetanus from November 2018 here 


MALARIA, MOSQUITO BITE PREVENTION and other insect borne diseases

  • My malaria information page here
  • World Malaria Day 2019 resources 
  • WHO app for the World Malaria Report here
  • Imported malaria into the UK statistics
  • UK malaria annual report here
  • Malaria data , guidance and analysis 
  • Many other Malaria resources from my website here
  • E learning course for malaria based on PHE guidelines
  • Children’s malaria tablet chart from NaTHNaC here
  • Administering children’s tablets – see item no. 21 in TOOLS here
  • Mandatory logo for selling medicines online here and register of authorised sellers of medicines here
  • Maloff Protect manufacturer website here  and SPC – see ‘risk materials’ at the top of the page.  MHRA announcement here 
  • Malaria tablet leaflets on tools – see item no. 25
  • Dengue factsheet from NaTHNaC, PHE data and information from WHO
  • Chikungunya factsheet from NaTHNaC, PHE data and information from WHO
  • Practical  aspects of insect bite prevention – here
  • Bug Off website and video directly on YouTube



WHO open access courses on many diseases here

Yellow fever


Japanese encephalitis

  • Japanese encephalitis information from NaTHNaC
  • Ixiaro SPC from the Electronic Medicines Compendium
  • Green Book chapter on JE here
  • Link to a paper in the Journal of Travel Medicine about three British travellers who contracted JE ‘More than devastating’—patient experiences and neurological sequelae of Japanese Encephalitis see here
  • Sophie Williams news item and Sophie’s story on YouTube here 
  • Story of another patient who contracted JE – from the Encephalitis Society –  Chelsea

Meningococcal disease

  • Green Book chapter 22 on meningococcal disease here
  • Men ACWY issues detailed in a blog here 
  • Meninigitis certificate for Visa purposes here from GSK
  • Links to the immunisation charts for childhood schedules and much more on immunisation topics.  See in particular item no. 3



  • Measles news items from NaTHNaC and here for measles information
  • European measles data here
  • World Health Organization data here
  • Vaccination of individuals with uncertain or incomplete immunisation status here
  • The latest MMR leaflets published by Public Health England are available in English, Polish, Romanian and Somali here 
  • Measles poster for travellers on tools item no. 24


  • Emergency travel list -see June 2019 here
  • Travelling after breast cancer – for article see here

The CHILD TRAVELLER and gap year/backpacker travellers 


  • Travellers’ Diarrhoea BMJ clinical review HERE (login details required but podcast available free of charge) and open access paper from TMAID (Systematic review of loperamide: No proof of antibiotics being superior to loperamide in treatment of mild/moderate travellers’ diarrhoea) HERE  
  • NICE guidance: Diarrhoea – prevention and advice for travellers  here
  • New injection techniques here
  • Travel and the future see April and August 2017 articles here 
  • HELP page with links to loads of resources including the ‘Harry Potter‘ page!
  • TOOLS page with lots of resources to help in practice
  • FGM and travel resources which includes the documentary of the Cruel Cut.
  • CQC Nigel’s Surgery: Tips and mythbusters  (FGM is no. 80, immunising people with underlying medical conditions is 89)
  • Diphtheria presentation online from the LSTM here
  • WHO online course – OpenWHO here
  • Know as you go for the traveller app (KAYG) website here 
  • NEW – Interim findings of the Vaccinations and Immunisations Review – September 2019 – here

A few tools by image below 

FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND WWW.JANECHIODINI.CO.UK – remember at the bottom of the HOME page are images of some of the most useful pages to access directly rather than using the menu at the top.  Below this on the grey band are logos for twitter, facebook, blogger and Practice Nurse and clicking on any of these will take you directly to those additional resources.

  • MANY helpful tools to standardise your service can be found on the tools page – or click on the image of the fruit and cutlery below!  These will include travel risk assessment and management forms (nos. 1 and 2), advice leaflet and post vaccination letter you can customise (nos. 4 and 5), last minute traveller poster (no. 10), bravery certificates (no. 14), poster regarding rabies for reception staff (no. 16) and much much more!
  • Wanting more education on travel – click the trainig image below
  • Don’t forget the HELP page has loads of resources topic by topic
  • To find the latest item added to this website go to ‘What’s New’ click here or image below right

I hope I’ve remembered everything!  If not please e mail me at

If you’ve found this helpful please let me know.  Similarly if you’ve had problems with it, I’d appreciate knowing what the issue was so I can improve it for next time!

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