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Many of these resources are already available on other pages of the website but I’ve collected them here as well to have one focal point for this subject.  Please note, although the image on this page is of young children, there are some resrouces listed below that are more relevant to older children and teenagers.

  • Childhood schedules: The UK National childhood immunisation programme, flowchart for vaccination of indivuals with uncertain or incomplete vaccination status and quick chart of vaccine preventable disease terms in multiple languages – see Immunisation Resources in HELP – click here (items 3 to 8).
  • Useful paper: Hagmann S et al.  Illness in Children After International Travel: Analysis from the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network. 2010 Paediatrics 1072 – 1080.  Free access paper, click here
  • Malaria: Guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UK.  See pages relating to children and tables for paediatric doses of chemoprophylaxis click here.   For more specific tables see item no. 21 in tools here.  For more malaria resources see here
  • Rabies resources see here
  • Insurance from the FCO – the Travel Aware campaign
  • Sexual health leaflet for teenagers and young adults, plus awareness posters click here and go to item no. 11
  • Children’s Travel Doc click here (website written by Consultant Paediatrician Dr Natalie Prevatt)
  • Videos to educate in relation to young travellers see items no. 2 and 5 – 10 here
  • Bravery certificates: see item no 14. in Tools click here
  • Medical kit for school excursion to Peru (by kind permission from Prof. Marc Shaw) see here for further details
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