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Resources for healthcare professional 

1.  Immunisation against Infectious Disease (The Green Book) Chapter 27 Rabies 

2. Public Health England Rabies: risk assessment, post-exposure treatment, management

3.  Rabies: Guidance on Prophylaxis and Management in Humans in Scotland (from Health Protection Scotland)  

4. Vaccine Update special edition August 2018 

5. Useful leaflets/information for travellers 

From: NaTHNaC

From: fitfortravel

From: the NHS website

6.  Leaflet ‘Bat contact and rabies risk’ – for use in Scotland here from HPS and rest of the UK from PHE here 

7. Bat Conservation Trust FAQ page here and  Free vaccinations for bat workers advice letter

8. POSTER regarding action needed if a traveller rings your GP surgery with concern re potential exposure to rabies – see item no. 16 in ‘Tools’ 

9. My online e learning for rabies resources


Resources of interest from around the world 

1.  World Health Organization  and WHO factsheet latest, WHO Map of countries or areas at risk 2018  and WHO FAQ document for clinicians here

2.  Centres for Disease Control and Prevention  Plus training on rabies (remember from a US perspective, slightly different guidance to the UK) click here and for useful children’s education page click here 

3.  Global Alliance for Rabies Control  and Global Alliance for Rabies Control Facebook page 


Accessing rabies vaccine and HRIG around the world 

Clinics around the world that stock rabies vaccine and rabies specific immunoglobulin found on the International Society of Travel Medicine website, in their global travel clinic directory.

Rabies in the News

1.  You Tube video – documentary entitled ‘The Girl Who Survived Rabies’.  The remarkable story of the first person to survive rabies without the aid of a vaccination, but subsequent testing of the same technique did not have such good result see here and a documentary from India here published in 2009.

2. Deaths in UK travellers returning home over the past few years see herehere and here


Tools to help 

  • in the communication of rabies risk to travellers – this is a short video on YouTube – click on left image below 
  • and the initial management of potential rabies post exposure risk in a GP surgery – this is a poster for surgery staff to raise awarenss – click on image on right below and go to item no. 16
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