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Click the links below to access the resources shown in the image for a travel health service

Key publications to outline the importance of travel health 

Articles by Jane Chiodini

  • Providing a travel health service in primary care here
  • Setting up a travel service here

Key documents necessary for best practice in a travel service

Interesting to research 

Tools to help educate your travellers, plus resources to direct them for further personal learning

  • Traveller Advice Resources (Platform 9¾) with easy to access information for your traveller – I use this in my consultation to explain what would be useful for them to review and learn more about after the appointment
  • Videos – particularly numbers 2,5,6,7,8,9 and 10  (topics covered are malaria, insurance, risk of travel, travellers’ diarrhoea and hepatitis B
  • Rabies prevention advice for travellers and also as a video
  • Malaria prevention advice booklet to educate travellers on the AB&D of malaria prevention (currently being updated)
  • Mosquito bite advice booklet – just about the prevention of bites but so important to prevent many diseases
  • A great app for your travellers to use to understand the risks and also keep their vaccine record – see an explanation here


These aren’t plentiful, and none are that recent, but here are a few links you may like to browse

  • The most comprehensive and detailed document I’ve found is from Shoreland.  This is based in the USA and the database service (TRAVAX, an American version) is on subscription only but they have published large manuals for Clinic Operations Guides – last published in 2015
  • The International Travel Medicine Society also have a very comprehensive document on How to Begin and Operate a Travel Service but this is only a member benefit
  • Pharmacy travel health services: current perspectives and future prospects.  (2017) Integrated Pharmacy Research and Practice here
  • A number of articles have been published in Emporiatrics (Browse around the various editions) and to see one specific article go here
  • Setting up a travel health clinic – Article in Guidelines in Practice (2016) but focussing on General Practice here  and an older one from Nursing Standard that I wrote (2005), Providing a Travel Health Service in Primary Care here
  • Various articles in the Pharmacy press  –  here and here
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