Malaria Prevention

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MALARIA is an integral part of the travel health consultation.  Below are some resources to help you understand more about the subject and some tools to help in the delivery of your pre travel care advice. 

For my e-learning course on malaria – see here 

For my malaria chemoprophylaxis advice leafets see item no. 25 here

Guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UK 2023.

The revision of these guidelines were published on 16th January 2023 by UKHSA.

  • To view on the UKHSA website and obtain the latest PDF of the guidelines click here
  • UKHSA Malaria resources (links to all resources) here 


  1. Schematic diagram of the malaria lifecycle,original illustrated in the UK Malaria Guidelines –  click here
  2. Instructions for using the UKHSA Malaria Reference Laboratory e mail advice line click here or see image below
  3. Malaria Reference Laboratory on the UKHSA website here and the risk assessment form here 
  4. NaTHNaC malaria factsheet here
  5. Chart for malaria tablet doses for children from NaTHNaC here
  6. Chart to explain advice for travellers needing malaria chemoprophylaxis who are taking warfarin click here  
  7. Advice booklet to help explain ‘Practical aspects of bite prevention’ here 
  8. Quick reference charts for malaria tablets (must be used in conjunction with BNF, SPCs on  EMC etc.), look at item 7  in ‘Tools’  – click here 
  9. Advice booklet to use with patients focussing on the AB&D of malaria prevention, look at  item 6 in ‘Tools’ – being updated and will be available soon!
  10. Video of the malaria life cycle – see video no. 1, click here
  11. Video of patient with malaria – see video no. 2, click here
  12. Video of a malaria prevention advice consultation – see video no. 3, click here
  13. Poster for insect repellent awareness from the Bug-Off campaign click here and for the website here
  14. Leaflets for malaria prevention which could be used with your travellers


Further malaria resources

  • The Malaria Atlas Project click here 
  • The WHO Malaria factsheet  here
  • The WHO World Malaria Report 2023 here 
  • Interesting free access BMJ paper: Checkley et al. Risk factors for mortality from  imported falciparum malaria in the  United Kingdom over 20 years: an observational study.  BMJ 2012;344:e2116 – click here

Malaria Treatment 

  • Guidelines from WHO
  • Malaria Treatment Guidelines from the UK

 Resources by images (all these items are also found in the lists above)

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