MALARIA MATTERS is an e-learning course based on the Public Health England document

‘Guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UK 2017’

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  • The course was updated to the latest version of the UK malaria guidelines in January 2018
  • It is now hosted on a new platform, but to keep it free of charge it is no longer possible to provide a certificate of completion
  • It is suggested you complete a reflective account of the learning experience – full details are given when you visit the course website within resources and evaluation
  • This interactive e learning takes approximately 6 hours to complete – there are 5 modules
  • To read a blog detailing more information about the course, it’s history and  background see here
  • The course has consistently been rated as ‘5 star’ over the past five years



Malaria prevention is an integral part of a travel health consultation.  Below are some resources to support you for this e-learning course.

Guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UK.

  • To view on the PHE website click here
  • To download the PDF of the document click here
  • Schematic diagram of the malaria lifecycle, as illustrated in the UK Malaria Guidelines – click here 
  • Leaflets for malaria prevention which could be used with your travellers
  • Video of patient with malaria – see video no. 2, click here 



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