Where can you find information in relation to latex allergy?

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Chapter 6 of the Green Book, page 42 (click on image below) includes the following:

“Some pre-filled syringes may contain latex proteins in the tip cap and/or rubber plunger of the syringe. Similarly, the stoppers of some vaccines supplied in vials may contain latex proteins.  It is theoretically possible that latex protein from these tip caps, plungers or vial stoppers may cause allergic reactions when the vaccines are administered to latex-sensitive individuals. There is little evidence that such a risk exists and any such risk would be extremely small”.  

To look at individual vaccines go to the EMC here and seach the name of the drug or disease you wish the vaccine to protect against to bring up the relevant Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC).

TRAVAX have an information page on Vaccination and Latex Allergy.  Go to ‘Vaccination Practice’ on the left menu, then to ‘Special Situations’ to find it.  They have a downloadable chart of the vaccine container components as well which I’ve attached on this page – click on the image below.  The posting of this chart has been allowed by the kind permission of the Travel and International Health Team from Health Protection Scotland, who produce TRAVAX.

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