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NOTE – there is currently a shortage of hepatitis B Vaccine and usage constraints are in place.  To see the information form Public Health England click here.

1.  Hepatitis B – The Green Book chapter 18 updated December 2013

2.  Hepatitis B: Pathway stages to protection from Department of Health

3.  Hepatitis B antenatal screening and newborn immunisation programme: Best practice guidance from Department of Health

4.  Hepatitis B from NHS Choices 

5.  Hepatitis B vaccine from NHS Choices

6.  British Medical Association – Focus on hepatitis B immunisations  (useful information regarding provision of vaccine for lifestyle, occupational and travel provision)

7. Hepatitis B for new born babies at risk – information re Statement for Financial Services (SFE) for primary care

8.  WHO Factsheet no. 204 updated July 2014

9.  Hepatitis B – Out of the Shadows.  A report into the impact of hepatitis B on the nation’s health from the Foundation from Liver Research (although published in 2000, this document remains a very good source of infomration).

10. Hepatitis B Positive Trust

11. British Liver Trust – hepatitis B section

12.  Video from the World Hepatitis Alliance  – ‘The Unwise Monkey learns what hepatitis B is’ Click here see video no.10

13. Online learning from the Royal College of General Practitioners – RCGP Certificate in the Detection, Diagnosis and Management of Hepatitis B and C in Primary Care.

14. Public Health England Migrant Health Guide link to Hep B page, but the whole site is of great interest

15. Hepatitis B informations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) including online serology training see here

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