Practice Nurse Journal Travel Health Update

I have been writing a regular one page 'Travel health update' since 2010 and Practice Nurse have kindly agreed to me posting past copies on my website as an archive for people to refer to as a resource

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2017    Topics
June     Travel vaccine shortages; New yellow fever leaflet; Nuggets of Knowledge - Hepatitis A;  Travel Health Roadshow for 2017 
May    Clarification on MMR vaccine for travel purposes; Hepatitis A outbreak and leaflets; General election impacts malaria guidance 
April     The future of NHS travel vaccines - a personal refection plus, the Editorial from Mandy Galloway on the subject as well.
March    Zika update; Travel medicine diploma; Clarifying cholera; TravelHealthPro immunosuppression factsheet
February    Immunisation resources; Travel vaccine issues; New app for travellers; Travel medicine meetings 
January    New malaria guidelines; JE; Guidance for schools; Abta Travel Trends report 2017; FGM and Travel Health Guidance
2016     Topics 
December    A Christmas holiday (and the vaccinations you'd need)
November     RCN Competency for Travel Health Nursing; NaTHNaC Yellow Fever Portal; From A to Zika
October    Article by Ann McDonald - FGM and a GLOBAL assessment  (I had a break this month!) 
September    Faculty of Travel Medicine Education Hub 
August     Hepatitis B vaccine schedules; Preparation for Hajj
July    Zika Update; Diabetes resources for travellers; Nimenrix Vaccine; YFVC Example; HIV Drug Interaction Tools
June     Yellow fever certificate changes; Olympic Games preparation; ILGA maps; Travel Health Update meetings
May     Global polio eradication; Malaria chemoprophylaxis for children; New vaccine company in the UK; Local laws and customs.
April     New to Travel Health ?  How to get started.  (article)
March     Needles safety; Helpful resources for your consultations; NECTM opportunities
February      All about Zika virus
January     YF training in Scotland; FCO work; new CDC travel app; Travel medicine conference and new EU logo for online pharmacy sales
2015     Topics
December     A Travel Nurse's Christmas List 
November     Case study including HIV status and vaccines, malaria, mental health and safety
October      UK Malaria guidelines 2015; World Rabies Day; Essential Travel Medicine 
September      All about TravelHealthPro
August      The use of PGDs for private travel vaccines in England – breaking news!  
July     Yellow fever changes; New regulations South Africa travel; Emporiatrics; TRAVAX school document; New BGTHA website 
June     MHRA and the Yellow Card; PaxVax; Live vaccines again; TRAVAX 30th Anniversary; Latest Yelllow Book from CDC
May     Travel advice specific to women - a selection of topics discussed 
April     Nivaquine discontinued; Meningitis vaccines in the news; How vaccines work; Improve your geography 
March      WHO recommends SMART syringes; Protecting the Health of Travellers; New App from CDC and Vaccine Terminology
February     The Value of the Vaccine Update Resources
January     Travel health guidance on board cruise ships; flying with a food allegy; Travel Health Conferences
2014     Topics
December     The 12 Days of Christmas: consultations of the travel nurse
November     Ebola update; Oral typhoid vaccine; Yellow fever, polio and ICVP; Malaria Matters and EHIC update
September      Ebola; Live vaccine intervals and Travel Medicine Symposium
August       New malaria advice for travellers to India; Impact of update notifications and BNF update
July     Rabies educational video; Pointers for travel to Saudi Arabia and 'Can I Eat This' app
June        Importance of polio; Yellow fever in the Green Book; Bug Off resources
May        World malaria day and UK malaria data; Football world cup and travel and Travel record cards
March     Ostomy care for travellers; Meningitis ACWY vaccine; PGD Compentency framework and 'A Return Ticket' 
February        Hepatitis A boosters; Yellow Fever and NaTHNaC; TRAVAX and fitfortravel changes and Avian flu
January      Green Book changes; Travel health from the RCN and Immunisation Education
2013     Topics
December     A light hearted but hopefully useful piece on the 12 Travel Tips of Christmas!
October     Travel advice for lymphoedema patients, videos to education travellers, yellow fever vaccine supply
September     New malaria guidelines, new travel and flu websites from SPMSD
July     Rotavirus; More app; More documents to look for over the summer; Autumn conferences
June     All about yellow fever
May     Health guidance for school travellers; PSD FAQs; Malaria figures for 2012
April     Travel risk assessment forms; All change for URLs; New developments within NaTHNaC; 
March     Meningitis ACWY vaccine; Green Book updates and egg allergies; New textbooks in travel medicine; YF maps 
January     Green Book update on rabies; Vaccine incidence guidance; Migrant health; My new website
2012     Topics
November      Travel alerts; Travellers' Health - how to stay healthy abroad, 5th Edition; WHO factsheets; Practice Nurse online
September     Malarone license change; Travel health nursing career and competence guidance; GPC guidance; NICE BNF app 
July     Green Book online; New meningococcal vaccine; Recommendatins for travel medicine; Immunisation training for HCWs
May     UK malaria statistics; Emporiatrics Spring/Summer 2012; Flying guidelines; Summary of product characteristics
April     Risk factors for malaria; NaTHNaC in the news; Identifying immunisations; Travel medicine in Dublin
March     New antibiotic for travellers' diarrhoea; Vaccine shortages - hepatitis A and typhoid; Survey needs your support
February     Charging for travel vaccines
2011     Topics
November     Useful information in news; Cholera vaccine in the NHS; Education on rabies; Emporiatrics
September     TRAVAX facelift; E-learning for immunisation; Immunology videos
June     Malaria awareness at Healthrow Airport; Sexual health ; Jap B vaccine recall; Travel and measles
May     New approach to yellow fever vaccination; Malaria on the rise in the UK; Useful resources
April     Mostly malaria; On-line pharmacy registration; Fake antimalarials; FCO on Facebook
March     Shaken not stirred; Translate service; Travel medicine training; Yellow fever newsletter
February     Vaccine information; Migrant health resource; FCO Locate service; Pharmacists and travel


2010     Topics
November     Travel vaccination; CPR guidelines updated; STIs in the over-50s; Travellers with diabetes
October     NaTHNaC needs your help; Yellow Book; Vaccine storage; Faculty of travel medicine; New malaria course
September     Malaria leaflet from HPA; Immunisations and vaccines; Green Book updates; PGDs again
June     Mosquito habits; Travel health education; Shop online at NaTHNaC
May     Health videos for travellers; Patient group directions; Compression socks for the England team
April     New Yellow Book; 8 weeks to go campaign; TRAVAX resources
March     Essential guide to travel health; Japanese encephalitis; Needle phobia; World malaria day; iPhone apps
February     Breast cancer; Malaria; Immunisation information; World cup travel; Resuscitation update; Glasgow conference