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Best Practice in Nursing workshop

A workshop was held at this large conference on Thursday 17th October 2018.  Here are some resources to enhance the learning from the session.  Click on the image above to take you to the relevant page

Hepatitis B vaccine shortages

You’ll already be aware of issues of many travel vaccines being in short supply right now.  This is not only a problem in the UK but a global issue too.  We’ve had a number of guidance documents published by Public Health England to help us with the situation not only for hepatitis B but hepatitis A as well.  But this is the latest for hepatitis B because the situation is currently critical and its thought…

Travel health, the NHS and the future!

Back in March this year the newspapers reported that NHS England was proposing a consultation banning the use of a number of medicines given in general practice which were deemed to be of low priority and within this list was the suggestion about travel vaccines.  Well a consultation is now out reviewing the issue but overall it wasn’t as dramatic as anticipated.  In brief it has been proposed that hepatitis B and meninigitish ACWY vaccine…

Hello and welcome to this blog!

I’ve actually been blogging since 2012 and you can view previous entries at  I post on a blog from time to time when I have more to write that the short entry I may put on my Facebook page at or twitter at The beauty of a blog as well is that not only can I include more information but also link you to other resources relevant to the posting so keep…

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